With MIZA you can ask for any transportation.
    Anytime & Anywhere you want.

What is MIZA ?

MIZA is a Start-Up that aims to facilitate transportation and delivery services of all kinds, to provide technological solutions that keep the pace of development in our daily lives. The goal is to have an All-In-One platform to facilitate the user experience. Providing simple solutions to problems that usually encounters. To be the best mediator between the users and the service owners. Providing more opportunities for young people willing to keep up with technology during their work. Providing more opportunities to the owners of the service. Giving the appropriate pricing feature according to several factors that suit the service owner and the user at the same time.

Amazing Features

Easy to use

Anyone can use the application with a fun and distinctive user experience

Multi Service

You can ask for any type of transportation.
Only in one single app.


You can choose the language you prefer while you are using the app.

The best price

The price is carefully calculated to satisfy the desire of the customer and the driver at the same time.

Safety is guaranteed

All driver information is available on the client app.

Easy Communication

The possibility of calling the driver to confirm the order.

Our Value

Friendly customer service

We provide a friendly customer service. By phone and social media official pages.
All the time.

All in one

We provide multi service in one single app. So you can order any type of transportation. Anywhere and anytime you want.

Regular Updates & Support

We provide a regular updates for all our applications and the technical support for users all the time



Our services


Our Story

The problem of finding transportation has always been a common problem in daily life, whether transporting individuals, delivering necessities goods, parcels or food. The idea of MIZA came to solve many of these problems by providing the easiest technological solutions and providing a unique experience for users. From here came the idea of the name, to carry within it many meanings, the first of which is a feature that distinguishes those who acquire it from others. A team of the finest university students, full of passion and love of work, gathered to find solutions to these problems, and create a company that holds this goal, by creating a platform that combines many services to provide solutions for transportation and delivery. MIZA was officially established on the 10th of October 2021, to begin a long-term business journey that will last for generations, continue its extension, and be presented in all states of Algeria first, then abroad.

Our Team

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CEO & Founder

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Co-Founder & Web Developer

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Co-Founder & Mobile Developer

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Co-Founder & Graphic Designer